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​Nuhome Staffing LLC provides consulting and staff professionals to under-served communities. We do this globally, focusing on those areas of the world affected by poverty, and educational and economic disadvantage.



Mission Statement—

We furnish qualified consultants and staffing to less-advantaged global communities.

Vision Statement—

Seeing under-served communities across the globe assisted, uplifted and enabled to attain to their full human potential.


The business mission and commitment of Nuhome Staffing is to furnish qualified consultants and staffing to less-advantaged global communities. We do so using our proprietary contacts and know-how in enlisting qualified professionals from the United States. Our team has decades of experience providing people resources for these kinds of global opportunities.  


The professionals we enlist are carefully selected and are screened for reliability, competence, and desire to serve and to utilize their training, education and skills.  Our personnel are qualified and experienced in a wide range of disciplines including teaching, engineering, and economic and community development.  If we do not currently have the right staffing to fulfill your consultant or employment needs, we may have the resources to find and recruit them.   

If you are a community or organization working among the under-served, particularly in Asia, our professional staffing expertise begins with understanding your requirements and determining whether we can suggest affordable staffing solutions that can help.


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